If you are contemplating accepting a grant or have already accepted a grant to Argentina,
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Social events, entertainment, bars, festivals, cafes, bookstores, etc.

  • Feliza Arcoiris, LGBTQ Cultural Space in Buenos Aires

  • Casa Brandon, LGBTQ Cultural Space in Buenos Aires

  • Maricafe, LGBTQ Bookstore in Buenos Aires

  • Drag in Buenos Aires

    • Drag events/parties/shows: Trabestia, MostraFest, Turbo Ballroom

    • Venues: BeatFlow, La Confiteria, Peuteo

Political/Social Environment

Resources assessing queer- and trans-friendliness in your country

  • “I can only speak to the capital, where I felt mostly safe. Later at night and outside of Palermo/Recoleta/Villa Crespo I would be careful if you present as non-binary or visually out of place. For me, that meant my nails, clothing, and skin color made me stick out, for which I got verbally harassed.” (Fulbrighter ‘18–‘19)


Laws that are accepting or discriminatory and legal resources specifically for LGBTQ persons


  • In Buenos Aires, “I would recommend getting an AirBNB or something for the initial month in the city then joining local facebook groups for housing. Living with other students around the same age is cost effective and generally lead to meeting housemates who were LGBTQ-friendly.” (Fulbrighter ‘18–‘19)


Medical resources for LGBTQ persons in your community (special clinics, testing, treatment, pharmacies, etc.)


Podcasts, literature, movies, music, etc.


How to include trans/gender-nonbinary people in conversations in your country’s language(s)

Race & Ethnicity

Religion & Spirituality