Starting a chapter in your country brings our mission home.

We recognize and support chapters to better serve the LBGTQ Fulbright community closer to home. If you want to start a chapter in your country (local chapter) or region (regional chapter), please fill out this form (skip to “Chapters”), and we will contact you!

Chapters and chapter coordinators will be asked to submit the following for recognition by our global Board of Directors:

  • Proposed bylaws (we will provide a template)

  • Proposed list of officers and roles

  • Proposed operating budget and potential sources of income (if necessary)

  • Potential annual calendar of events or programming (for example, “Attend pride parade” or “Host WhatsApp group chat”)

Chapter coordinators are responsible for the following:

  • Promote the mission of Fulbright Prism within their host community as they see fit

  • Conduct the affairs of the chapter in accordance with Fulbright Prism’s policies and bylaws and with local law

  • Execute the provisions in the chapter’s bylaws as recognized by the Fulbright Prism global Board of Directors

  • Provide regular reports and communication on general goings-on to the Fulbright Prism community at large

  • Maintain and update the country or region’s resources page on Fulbright Prism’s website