Our Team



Vice President & Co-Founder

Michaela Gill


Michaela is currently a full-time employee and part-time graduate student at Boston University. She graduated from Smith College in 2016 with a BA in American Studies and German Studies. She studied abroad in Hamburg, Germany during her junior year and returned after graduation as an ETA to the same city from 2016-2017. Michaela enjoys reading, taking walks, listening to podcasts, and absorbing as much queer content as humanly possible. Her favorite memory from her Fulbright grant period was meeting, traveling, and collaborating with other Fulbrighters, who taught her so much about teaching and provided her with community while abroad.


President, Ceo & Co-Founder

Timothy Sensenig


Tim currently studies law at the University of Virginia. He graduated with a BA in English and German Education from Messiah College, where he also served as student body president and studied abroad in Germany. Tim returned to Germany for his Fulbright ETA grant in Hamburg from 2016-17. Tim is a national parks junky (Acadia being his favorite). In his spare time he also enjoys traveling, reading, listening to podcasts, and watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. His favorite memory from his Fulbright grant period was canoeing with his host family through the canals branching off the Alster River in Hamburg.


Treasurer, Secretary & CO-Founder

Lara Steinike


Lara is currently a graduate student studying Intercultural German Studies at the University of Göttingen. They graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire in 2015 with a BA in German Education, where they served as president of the German National Honors society and also studied abroad in Germany. Lara completed their year as an ETA in Hamburg in 2016-17 and then stayed on as a teacher there for a year prior to graduate school. Additionally, Lara enjoys going for extended wandering walks in big cities or forests, reading, and any and all activities that dismantle the gender binary. Their favorite memory from their Fulbright grant was meeting and traveling with some of the most wonderful people and getting to make Hamburg a long-term home after getting a job at their placement school.


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Board Members serve terms of two years and must:

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    • Nominating Committee

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