Fulbright Prism empowers LGBTQ Fulbrighters to be out in the world.

To accomplish our mission, we do the following:

  • Gather and share resources

  • Build networks

  • Direct programming

We are a United States 501(c)(3), non-governmental, not-for-profit organization. We serve Fulbright Program grantees, alumni, staff, and administrators who identify with a marginalized orientation, gender affiliation, or sex (or LGBTQ). Through our support, we hope that these Fulbrighters may better effectuate the separate and very important purposes of the Fulbright Program around the world and increase cross-cultural awareness of LGBTQ experiences.

Our values

  • diversity

  • global worldview

  • gratitude

  • inclusion

  • innovation

  • leadership

  • queerness

  • service

  • teamwork

A note on language

Through a prism shine all colors, and we want you to feel that inclusion on our website and in our work. The global queer community is vibrant and ever-evolving. Because it is challenging to capture this diversity in one term, we use the acronym LGBTQ or the word “queer” to capture the full rainbow of sexual orientations, genders, and sexes found around the world.

Given the inherent limitations and politicalization of the acronym, however, we also advocate for the use of MOGAI. MOGAI stands for “marginalized orientation or gender affiliation and intersex.”  We find that MOGAI is more inclusive and goes further than the colloquial LGBTQ. This term also helps to separate out orientation, gender, and sex facets of identity, which lends itself to better discussion in certain cultures. For these reasons, we use MOGAI in all of our official legal documents and advocate for it where we can.