Social events, entertainment, bars, festivals, cafes, bookstores, etc.

  • Madrid

    • Chueca is a “gay neighborhood” (mostly white male) with a few lesbian bars

      • La Fulanita de tal and La Fulanita VIP are popular lesbian bars in Chueca

    • There are LGBTQ film festivals

    • La Berkana is an LGBTQ bookstore (all content LGBTQ related in some way)

    • There are gay and gay-friendly (i.e. mostly gay men) monthly parties like Tanga Madrid, Churros con Chocolate, and Bling (Bling is a mix of straight and queer and there are usually POC there)

    • B13Bar Restaurante is a vegan bar with a lot of queer clientele

Political/Social Environment

Resources assessing queer- and trans-friendliness in your country

  • Madrid: “Queer friendly, you can safely show PDA and talk to people about LGBTQ relationships without getting any side eye or nasty comments.” (Fulbrighter ‘18–‘19)


Laws that are accepting or discriminatory and legal resources specifically for LGBTQ persons


  • Madrid: “Idealista has an LGBTQ-friendly box you can check, but often few people check this and most people are totally cool with LGBTQ folks and so the box is kind of worthless.” (Fulbrighter ‘18–‘19)


Medical resources for LGBTQ persons in your community (special clinics, testing, treatment, pharmacies, etc.)

  • Madrid: “Sandoval Health Clinic is a LGBTQ friendly clinic patronized by a lot of LGBTQ people and offer free STI testing.” (Fulbrighter ‘18–‘19)


Podcasts, literature, movies, music, etc.


How to include trans/gender-nonbinary people in conversations in your country’s language(s)

  • X, @, and e are used to stand in for gendered article, noun, and adjective endings in Spanish. 

    • Examples:

      • Los or las → lxs, les 

      • Todos, todas → todxs, todes, 

      • Amigos, amigas → amigxs, amiges

    • “As is the case in any fight against the patriachy, it’s met with resistance and opposition in Spain and around the world. Read more at Remezcla, QZ, and The Bogata Post." (Fulbrighter ‘18-’19)

Race & Ethnicity

Religion & Spirituality