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If you have new or updated resources or advice regarding your host country, you can share them in the form below. Please be as descriptive as possible and include links when available. If the information pertains only to a specific city or region in your country, please indicate this.

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What kind of social events, entertainment, general community engagement (bars, festivals, cafes, bookstores) exist in your community?
How queer- and trans-friendly is your community? This is more narrative, but if you know of any specific news articles or political/social groups, please include them.
Are there any particular laws you are aware of that are accepting or discriminatory? Are there any legal resources specifically for LGBTQ persons?
What resources did you find helpful in finding housing? Do you know of any that are LGBTQ-focused?
What medical resources exist for LGBTQ persons in your community (i.e. special clinics, testing, treatment, pharmacies, etc.)?
What LGBTQ pop culture resources could you recommend (i.e. podcasts, novels/literature, famous movies, musical artists, etc.)
Are trans/non-binary people included in your communities’ language? If so, how? Do you have any recommendations on how to include trans/gender-nonbinary people into conversations in your host language?
Are there resources that are particularly relevant to QPOC?
Are there resources relevant to people of faith?