Social events, entertainment, bars, festivals, cafes, bookstores, etc.



Political/Social Environment

Resources assessing queer- and trans-friendliness in your country

  • “Academia in the UK is facing a rise in trans exclusionary radical feminism, though some universities are starting to develop policies to protect trans students better. The national student union has an anti-discrimination policy that includes gender identity and transgender students. Some departments have devised policies themselves against trans discrimination. Most notably, the University of Sheffield and University of Durham philosophy departments have policies to support trans students that they are trying to extend to the whole of both universities.” (Fulbrighter ‘18 - ‘19)

  • “Recently in Birmingham, there were protests over the inclusion of LGBTQ+ issues into public school curriculum.” (Fulbrighter ‘18 - ‘19)

  • “In most cities in the UK you will be okay as an out LGBTQ+ person and be able to find community, though like the US most prides are not without protests. As a gay man I found the UK more accepting and freeing than the US, as a trans man less so.” (Fulbrighter ‘18 - ‘19)


Laws that are accepting or discriminatory and legal resources specifically for LGBTQ persons

Galop - for hate crime inquiries


  • “Check Facebook groups (Queer Housing South Yorkshire, for example) when looking for fellow LGBTQ housemates.” (Fulbrighter ‘18 - ‘19)

  • SpareRoom - a housing search service also has listing LGBTQ friend as an option


Medical resources for LGBTQ persons in your community (special clinics, testing, treatment, pharmacies, etc.)

  • Switchboard - LGBTQ helpline

  • Brokenrainbow - a LGBTQ domestic violence hotline

  • LGBT Foundation - for LGBTQ health advice

  • Survivor's Network - for LGBTQ survivors of sexual assault

  • “If you have already started hormone replacement therapy you are entitled to a bridging prescription rather than needing to stay on the wait lists of the gender clinics UK nationals must abide to. This can be handled by a willing endocrinologist and a GP willing to participate in something called a shared care practice.” (Fulbrighter ‘18 - ‘19)

  • “To use HRT through the NHS:

    • Bring a stockpile of your prescription from the US for about 3 months or longer if possible. This is to insure you have plenty of time.

    • Bring a copy of your original consent form to starting HRT, if possible the therapist referral for HRT, your prescription in the US and any medical records related to your hormone treatment therapy.

    • As soon as you arrive in your city and have housing sorted, called the GP you are considering. Ask first if they have a GP experienced in transgender healthcare (most universities health services should) and then ask if they provide shared care practice for hormone replacement therapy.

    • Book an appointment.

    • If they do not provide shared care you will need to find another GP office.
      If no one is familiar with transgender-based care, evaluate if there are other GP offices available to you and, if not, book an appointment with one of their GPs and be fully prepared to explain in full detail your medical transition and needs. If a GP is really unaware of how to help, ask them to contact your nearest gender identity clinic. Here is a list.

    • Request to be put on a waiting list and have a phone call with the clinic, they should be able to advise you or your gp directly on what you can do.” (Fulbrighter ‘18 - ‘19)


Podcasts, literature, movies, music, etc.

  • “There's a lot of overlap between US and UK media.” (Fulbrighter ‘18 - ‘19)

  • Absolutely Fabulous, the TV show

  • Drag Race the US and UK

  • Pride, the film


How to include trans/gender-nonbinary people in conversations in your country’s language(s)

“Pronoun circles are less common in queer spaces in the UK, but people are generally familiar with the concept of sharing pronouns.” (Fulbrighter ‘18 - ‘19)

Race & Ethnicity

  • London has a black pride specifically for QTPOC

  • AZ Hub - a QTPOC social space in London

  • Rainbow Noir - Manchester’s QTPOC support group

Religion & Spirituality